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10th Doctor - The Christmas Invasion (ii)

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"You... SYCOPHANT!" And Other Priceless One Liners by Colin Baker

Roots -
Doctor: Did you miss me? No, wait, that's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Anyway, Big Fella, this all about the circle of life. No, wait, that's the Lion King. So, where were we? A huge alien spaceship about to wipe out Earth on a quasi-religious festival. No, wait, that's Independence Day. Dear God, I seem to be caught in some pop culture zeitgeist Bermuda Triangle! Change material quick!

Fluffs - Christopher Eccleston seemed as dead as Christmas Spirit on the 28th of December in this story. 28 Days Later, you might say.

Goofs -
The Spirit of Christmas controls Mankind for fifteen hours. Uh, excuse me, what colour of bullshit are you trying to feed us, Russell?

Fashion Victims -
The Doctor's Arthur Dent look in the jimmy jams, dressing gown, slippers and bitching cool shades is a vast improvement on his ultimate choice of apparel: a long brown trenchcoat, a brown pinstripe suit, a silver diamond-studded question mark on a necklace, ludicrously oversized baseball cap not to mention the goatee and neck tattoos.

We see before us, the Chav of the Time Lords!

Technobbable - The Doctor's seven-dimensional vomit.

Dialogue Disasters -

Doctor: Oh, you’re just NASTY! I’m only wearing slippers... Thing is, I still don’t know who I am. Am I a fighter? Am I a swordsman? Am I an expert? Am I the sort of man who could happily slaughter you? Have you thought of that? What if I’m a killer? Or what if I’m not? Actually, I don’t think I am. Definitely not a killer, no. Which, if you think about it, is a good thing. But not right now during a sword fight to the death. ARGH, MY FUCKING ARM!!!

Sycophant Leader: Surrender or they will die... Sycophants rock!
Harriet Jones: "Rock"?
Sycophant Leader: ROCK IT BAYBEEEEE!

Doctor: You can't get the staff, these days. Still, the swords, sais and nunchukas are still available from all good department stores. This and other Ninja Turtle merchandise make Eastman and Laird rich as Cresus, so please buy extra Michaelangelos from now on...

Doctor: Oh my God, Rose, I haven't regenerated into a ginger-haired git, have I?
Rose: No, you don't look a bit like Chris Evans.
Doctor: Am I funny? Sarcastic? Sexy?
Rose: Doctor, I said you weren't a BIT like Chris Evans!
Doctor: OK, now I want to be ginger!

Rose: There's no one to save us, not any more.
Mickey: What about the Phantom, the Ghost Who Walks? And Batman? And Superman? And Green Lantern? And Deadpool? And Superman? And Meteor Man? And Johnny Five? And the Justice League of Cardiff?
Rose: OK, I'll give you that one.

Harriet Jones: Guinevere! Venezuela! Pork Pie! Remote control! That should satisfy the gullible idiots who read DWM 358...

Sycophant Leader: The Sycophant Armada have traveled in the wastelands. We care nothing for your tiny legislation of landbound species. We practice the forbidden arts, the lost rite of Aspidistra!
Doctor: Nice ship you got here, by the way. Roomy, study, good gravity. Bit dark. Kind of rocky. Must cost a fortune, heating this place.

(Rose putting on a leather jacket and fake handlebar moustache...)
Rose: Someone's got to be the Doctor.
Harriet Jones: They'll twig right away you're doing a drag act!
Rose: Never stopped him.

Jackie: What do you mean that is the Doctor? Doctor Who?
Rose: He's my travelling companion, the last of the Time Lords?
Jackie: Who?!
Rose: Northern, big ears, said 'Fantastic' a lot!
Jackie: Means nothing.
Rose: Lived next to us for 20 years trying to kill me?
(Jackie shrugs)
Rose: He refused to sleep with you.
Jackie: Oh, THAT Doctor.
Rose: Of course, which fucking Doctor do you think I'm likely to be talking about you insane bitch?!

Sycophant Leader: Do you like sugar in your tea?
Doctor: I DON'T KNOW!!!

Dialogue Triumphs -

Rose: Even his voice has changed.
Mickey: Yeah, sure, Rose. That’s our BIGGEST problem right now.
Rose: But how can he change accent?
Mickey: Yeah. Why you suddenly gone Cockney?
Doctor: I would never sully my tongue with that primitive accent! Unless... Oh no. Regenerate yet UNREGENERATE! Snogging Rose must have given me some kind of trans-temporal laryngitis that affected my vocal chords! Right, no more kissing humans possessed by the ungodly powers of the time vortex. Unless they are SERIOUSLY cute.

Sycophant Leader: You stand as Rose Tyler's sugar daddy?
Doctor: Thank you. I've no idea who I am, but you've just summed me up.

Doctor: There's a strange woman in my TARDIS.
Jackie: Yes, there is.
Doctor: I'm in my dressing gown.
Jackie: Yes, you are.
Doctor: Anything could happen. Fancy a shag?

Rose: The Doctor wouldn't do this. The old Doctor. The proper Doctor. He'd would wake up. He'd save us.
Jackie: [confused] We're talking about the same Doctor, aren't we?

Doctor: Am I sexy? It seems I've certainly got a gob on me. Nude and not ginger. Oh look! A great big threatening button that should not be pressed under any circumstances. No, I shouldn't. I mustn't. OH GOD – I *HAVE*!!

Mickey: Nice cup of tea. The solution to everything. If not, heroin normally does the trick.

Rose: He just... was in bed with me. Then he was dying – he said he was dying. He said a lot of shit like that, even said he’d shagged me. But then he sort of...whooshed. All this light and stuff, like he was exploding. Next thing you know, he’s this git. He's left me, Mum!
Jackie: Rose, he's younger, cuter, lacking a Northern accent and is now tied to my bed at my mercy. If that counts as leaving, I want men to ditch me continuously from now on!

Harriet Jones: Doctor, if you're out there, we need you. I can't be bothered to deal with this crap. If you can hear me Doctor, if anyone knows the Doctor, if anyone can find him, the situation has never been so desperate. OK, there was that time in 87... No, drifting off topic, please Doctor, help us. Or I'll hack your bollocks off with a blunt knife.

The Doctor's description of his new body -
"You're getting noticed by opposite sex. You better get used to it."

UnQuotable Quote -

The Doctor in post-regenerative dilirium:
"If you're paddling upstream in a canoe and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes fit in a doghouse? None! Ice cream doesn't have bones!!"

Links and References -
During the final scene in the empty kitchen, a black plastic bin rolls into the room, it's lid flapping as a voice moans "I want Mickey! I want Mickey!"

Untelevised Misadventures -
The Tenth Doctor recently spent several months in Venice wearing a pink neck scarf and answering to the name of "Captain Jack" which the TARDIS translator circuits turned into "Gaicamo Casanova".

Subtext? WHAT Subtext? -
Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men, and nuke the alien bastards!

Groovy DVD Extras -
The original reason for the Doctor's post-regeneration confusion - concussion following Jackie slapping him again.

The alternative ending where the Doctor and Rose get completely plastered on Olde Peculiar and sing a duet of 'Fairytale of New York' as the credits begin to roll.

Psychotic Nostalgia -
"The enemies in The Michaelmas Invasion are a race of flame thrower trumpet-toting killer zombie Santas. Some fans thought that this seemed so terribly lame, barely even possible to recognize it as Doctor Who and needed to be nothing short of Rob Shearman to make up for such abysmal villains. So I put on a Santa suit and stalked and killed them all. Fans now tend to be a lot less closed-minded in their criticisms."

Viewer Quotes -

"I don't believe that Russell T Davies has researched instances of families keeping clothes of their dead loved ones thoroughly enough to incorporate into this story realistically. This, therefore, infringes on the believability of said story - I will not be watching this episode as I'm sure I will find it too far fetched."
- Trinny and Susanah (2005)

"The most worrying thing about this Christmas special is that it shows a fall in production values. The fact that the production team cannot even line up the TARDIS doors properly does not bode well. I don't think I'm imagining it. In some scenes there is a clear gap between the door and base on the right side. Is it just me or is this a really annoying detail? I guess I will only watch the second series if I'm not busy otherwise, I mean with this palpable drop in production values, what would be the point in watching it regularly? It clearly will just be more cheap trash, I'm off to watch some classic series DVD's... oh hang on, look at THESE production values. My head hurts."
- Andrew Beeblebrox (2005)

"Filthy British pigs see new Doctor on Christmas Day while Noble American suffer till Valentine's Day. This means war! Alien scavengers dressed as Imperialist Santa Claus Androids of Death! Pah! I say PAH! Is there moral cost about bombing shit out of enemy just because you have superior firepower? Ask me that again, I kill you. Plus, Eccleston looks very strange in this one, as if they recast him but no one stupid enough to do that. Me off to firebomb refugee orphanage. I'll be back."
- Bob Perkins "Half-cocked Reviews Weekly" (2005)

"God, ever since Tennant was announced as the Doctor, Big Finish have been putting whacking great pictures of the weasel-faced git on their CDs, milking him like the cash cow he is... by using him on a free CD. Er, you know what I mean. I'm not touchy, it's just other people apply logic on my opinions before I've finished mouthing off!"
- Nigel Verkoff (2005)

"Those wacky Big Finish folk! Not satisfied with casting Who actors in different roles after their appearance in Who, now they've taken to casting them in different roles BEFORE they appear in Who!"
- Dave Restal (2005)

"Oh, piss off, Restal, you clever dick!" - Nigel Verkoff (2005)

Billie Piper Speaks!
"Give up the weed. Ho freaking ho, you dirty ho."

David Tennant Speaks!
"When they asked me to do it, I just laughed. I found it hilarious and impossible - but then, I had just smoked seventeen bongs in quick succession. And I remember Russell T Davies very perceptively saying: 'I hear the sound of distant drums.' But it's such a great job. I get to play a Time Lord and have a TARDIS. You can't knock that. Every time the Doctor goes through the regeneration process, he changes to an extent. So you get a blank canvas where you don't have to worry too much about what has gone before. Viewers are going to see a slightly more no-nonsense Doctor, influenced by what Chris did with him and Billie. He's less indulgent and more ruthless, sexually speaking.

Doctor Who is watched by groups you wouldn't expect to be huge Doctor Who fans. I'm continually surprised by the number of trendy teenage girls and middle-aged mums who come up to talk to me and who genuinely love the show. Ultimately it turns out to be a distraction to allow them to ravish me passionately until dawn, but that's what's extraordinary and unique about it. In any other show, you can tell a fan and a groupie apart instantly. I doubt I'll ever do anything that attracts such a varied audience again. Well, maybe, Bootleg."

Russell T Davies Speaks!
"So yeah, Christmas and a new Doctor, and an alien invasion. And isn't that everything that you could possibly want from a Christmas special? Oh, and crackers! Sometimes Christmas specials don't really include Christmas. But ours does. There's lots of Christmas... and I'm such a Christmas freak! I tape record the Queen's Speech and play it every day with a glass of wine and scream 'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!' in my best Billy Connelly voice! Every day is Christmas Day! Those psychoanalysts think it's a psychotic condition - let em! Good will to all men! Ding dong merrily on high, for all the bells are ringing... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Trivia -
There was a trailer for season two directly after this Christmas Special. What?! It's true and trivial! If you want REAL trivia, get out the bit where the Doctor's snogging the Face of Bond - body double, definitely. Don't ask me how I know, just... accept it.

Rumors & Facts -
In the wake of the announcement that Christopher Eccleston would not be returning to play the Doctor beyond the new series' first season, the rumour mill quickly went into overdrive with the speculation that David Tennant would portray the Time Lord's tenth incarnation.

Why David Tennant? Because he is the only man in the world born with a destiny, a destiny to become Doctor Who - he's even a fan of it!

His path has lead him here, from being a closet Doctor Who manic depressive disc jockey in Taking Over The Asylum to being a bit part extra in Paul Carnall's "I Scream 'Boom-Shaka-Laka!'" webcast.

He appeared as Luthur Arkwright for Big Finish as a dimension-crossing wander who also hung around jailbait cockney girls called Rose.

He portrayed a Cockney Time Lord with a weakness for real ale.

He fought off the Dustbins in Dustbin Umpire Three!

He narrated the documentary Doctor Who: A Nude Dimension shown hours before the new series premiered!

He co-starred in Sympathy for the Weevil with two other non-canon Doctors Mark Gatiss, David Warner and still had time for scenes with Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier!

In The Quatermass Experiment Live, he appeared as the mysterious Doctor John Smith of UNIT!

In Russell T Davies Casanova, he played "Casanova", a lethario stranded in Venice while the engines of his police-box-shaped time machine recharged!

In Bright Young Things, Christopher Eccleston's character was killed by hepatitis and mysteriously regenerated into David Tenant!

"Damn it! Just let the man do the real job!" was how the BBC finally confirmed Tennant's casting on April 16th, 2005, before confirming that Billie Piper would return for a whole season, then retracted that statement, before denying the retraction and falling over.

When it became known that a special 60-minute Doctor Who episode would be shown on Christmas Day, a strange scaled figure calling itself Sparacus "Flamingo" Jones began to break into the Doctor Who Production Office and demand RTD accept his ideas for such a story.

Jones had for some time been insisting that RTD's Doctor Who was too light weight and just because it had managed to become an award-winning blockbuster series more successful than anyone - even Colin Baker - had ever dared to dream, it wasn't actually good enough.

Amongst other things Jones regularly insisted that only HE was able to create any half-decent Doctor Who story despite the fact he would openly admit he could not read, write or "do that spilling thing, you know, with the letters". When the Captain Jack spin-off series Touchwood was announced, Jones immediately began to brag on Outpost Gallifrey, Outpost Vulcan and his own shoddily-designed Outpost Sparacus that it was all down to him and anyone who said otherwise was a homophobic communist who should be pistol-whipped to death.

First off, Jones ordered that the story involve Rose threatening the Doctor at gunpoint to take her back in time to meet Jesus and finally solve once and for all whether or not The Da Vinci Code is a shocking expose of the truth or complete crap. Jones found it utterly preposterous that Doctor Who had survived 40 odd years without at least one companion demanding to discover the truth about Jesus.

RTD cautiously agreed in order to stall Jones while the men in white coats were requested urgently by a near-hysterical Helen Raynor. RTD then suggested that the story would involve the Doctor catching up with Jesus, Moses and Mohammed and taking them to Mars for a pub crawl (though it should be noted this entire idea was plagiarized from Tom Baker's "What I Did On My Weekend" essay from 1962).

Jones dismissed this idea on the grounds that equating Jesus with drinking binges was highly inappropriate - and when RTD point out Jesus regularly turned water into wine for his mates, Jones began to scream incoherently and pulled out a semi-automatic rifle.

Jones admitted later he had a low opinion of Jesus Christ, calling him a "workshy fop who threw in a carpentry apprentice to hang around with his stoned hippy mates not to mention the hookers! Oh, how many times have we heard of the apostles fire-bombing police cars? Or seen Jesus go to the DSS for not paying child support to Mary Magdeline? If only Jesus had been white man from Oxford, things could have been so much happier and safer in modern life! And he was a poof! They're all queer in heaven, you know, so backs to the wall!".

Jones was very much in favor of the TARDIS crew discovering that Jesus was, in fact, a Japanese albino lesbian in a wheelchair who believed hir was the son of God due to excessive masturbation on Thursdays.

RTD was unimpressed and suggested the slightly less sacrilegious idea that Jesus was a Slitheen. Or maybe Jesus was the illegitimate offspring of Captain Jack, who wooed the Virgin Mary in five minutes flat. Or maybe Jesus was the first Cyberman. (The latter was again an idea nicked by RTD as a stalling game, this time from Matthew Waterhouse's proposed "Adric the Attractive" spin-off series which Handmade Films described as "not worth touching with a barge pole tied to another barge pole").

Indeed, RTD found the only realistic way to deal with the issue without causing undue offence was to have the story consist of Rose asking to go back in time and see Jesus, and the Doctor refuse point blank as Jesus doesn't exist. We would then see the Doctor had his fingers crossed all along.

Jones insisted that Doctor Who should tackle controversial issues and that historical evidence proved that not only did Jesus exist, he was also a Japanese albino quadriplegic transsexual lesbian. Ideally he wanted a story that was subtle, insidious, topical - and inspired TV viewers to hurl bricks at members of organized religions.

When Jones suggested, however, that Adam Rickitt play Jesus, something snapped inside RTD's brain.

He leant forward and proceeded to BITE the shotgun in two, snap both Jones' arms and force the fishy figure face-first into the office microwave.

Jones hastily changed tactics and conceded that maybe Aled Jones could play Jesus as a Yorkshireman. Rickitt could portray an intellectually curious human companion for the Doctor that could draw attention away from "the tits" (as Jones insisted on referring to both Rose Tyler and Billie Piper).

It was the wrong thing to say.

By the time Jones was sufficiently recovered to leave hospital, the Christmas special had been named "The Michaelmas Invasion" and would be the first story of the Tenth Doctor. He desperately offered RTD a new synopsis, reprinted above. Scrawled over the title page of the script was the following:

"This could be without doubt the lamest script in human history. Leave it to the professionals, Jones. They know what they're doing."

*Do they? In what sense?*

"In the sense that they're paid professionals who have been writing for years who - fortunately - don't have an obsession with Adam Rickett getting his pants off. You know, the ones who made a critical success with the first series of Doctor Who?"

*If it's SO good, then why don't I like it??*

"Probably because you fancy Adam Rickitt, that little twat. I've met him twice and if I see him a third time I'll castrate the bastard with a pair of eyebrow tweezers."

*You have met Adam Rickitt twice? Have you any idea how lucky you are to have done so? If I met Adam Rickitt I would not be wasting the opportunity by criticizing his acting skills I'd be inviting him out for dinner at a fine restaurant - followed by a nightcap at my place sitting on the rug by the fire after which I would pour honey over him and lick it off.*


Jones later resubmitted the plotline for the Children in Need mini-episode, entitled simply Pudsey Cutaway. In this, the dazed post-regenerated Tenth Doctor sends the TARDIS hurtling back to AD 33, Judea, where he and Rose discover that the Biblical account of the Messiah is somewhat different to real thing.

Can the Doctor convince Jesus to accept his destiny and save mankind from their own sins? Why do Jesus' disciples refer to Rose as "That slapper Magdalene"? And why does Pilate have a black beard and a tissue compression eliminator?

All these and more were never to be revealed, for Jones suggested that Adam Rickett could play the part of Jesus if oiled and taunt enough and the idea was immediately scrapped and Jones was knocked out, drugged and had his unconscious body transported overnight to Afghanistan.

By the time Jones had managed to return to England, it was November 20th and the CIN special had been and gone.

This allowed RTD to get on with scripting his own story, the central tenant of which (hah! Tennant! HAHAH!) involved an outbreak of donkeys in spacesuits and Harriet Jones the MP for Flydale North calling in the Doctor to try her new salmon mouse laced with arsenic.

The space donkeys were just 'pilot fish' of the real villain behind the piece - a psychotic Snotaran in a Santa costume using a meat clever to chop off the heads of people who were naughty, not nice.

The Doctor and Rose start tracking the Claus murders, and end up chasing a reindeer-drawn sleigh to the north pole, in the TARDIS, where they finally confront the evil Santa - who turns out be a zeitgeist-style creation, a manifestation made possible by dimensional rifts in the wake of the Temporal Difference of Opinion - who delivers the Christmas that children deserve now they're greedy little so and sos!

Only by Rose speaking to the people of the world and making them
think good thoughts, is evil Santa made to not-exist-anymore. She does this by taking her shirt off.

Unfortunately, by this time more unsolicited scripts were being offered for the plot of The Michaelmas Evasion – though whether they were by nutters inspired by Jones or merely Jones himself, remains a mystery to this day as I honestly can't be arsed to find out.

The one I DID read begins with the TARDIS landing in the backroom of a seedy Soho club on Christmas Eve, with the dazed, newly-regenerated Doctor falling into the clutches of three leather-clad musclemen and strapped to the wall. Rose runs after him and manages to lose her blouse, before entering the front of the club and encountering a topless, oiled, muscular archaeologist called Ben who instantly claims to have become mesmerized by the club and forced against his will to strip and ogle topless women.

Rose takes Ben's advice and rubs baby oil over her glistening skin and suddenly Captain Jack enters, wearing tight leather shorts, and determined to rescue the Doctor – hastily explaining that he was interrupted in his job as a Touchwood test pilot when the Doctor's love for Jack "called him through the vortex of time and space" to lead him here. Oh, and also the planet needs some saving.

Jack fondles the Doctor and, er, stuff happens before the end credits roll. No, I will not tell you. Definitely not for such a small amount of cash. Higher, damn you!

All right, the rest of the story can be summarized with "...and the Doctor has one hell of a FANTASTIC time."

The author (ostensibly one Jim "Celery Soup" Varnish) was reportedly confident that RTD would read this and immediately beg him to write the rest of the series and the entirety of Touchwood.

He was wrong.

There was another unsolicited storyline about the Great Narrator invading a Catholic nunnery with evil snowmen and getting Rose to pick up some dirty habits but this is just a rumor I spread at parties in order to impress people and more importantly distract them as I steal the finger buffet.

Ultimately, however, all these submissions did save the production of Doctor Who and the Michaelmas Evasion. During recording, the four evil Santa zombies were accidentally crushed when the town Christmas Tree fell on them. Luckily, this was recorded and the script rewritten to accommodate the change when disaster struck.

No one else was willing to dress up as Santa Zombies for fear they too would die in cheesily ironic ways. Thus, the idea of a race of aliens that resembled zombie Saint Nicholases had to be dropped, along with their reindeer-driven-sleigh-camouflaged spaceships. But RTD had a back-up alien monster ready, based on the personalities of the fans who had desperately offered their own storylines – the Sycophants!

The real tragedy of the Christmas Tree massacre was that the only victim was intended to be Keith Boak.

Another addition to the script was utilized when it was discovered by fandom at large that the Christmas episode would end, yet again, with an incidental character using the handily-placed self-destruct button to get rid of the monsters while the Doctor watched on.

This revelation lead to hundreds of Doctor Who fans threatening to jump of buildings. Unable and unwilling to use computer graphics to edit these fans out of shot, RTD came up with another story line to explain this bizarre and disturbing sight.

The last change to the story was to alter the titles and theme music for the new Doctor. This however proof too much hard work and so the titles remained the same, even though the episode was NOT called Aliens of London and did NOT feature Christopher Eccleston.

As Murry Gold had burnt every copy of the original theme tune on the grounds the 'bridge' section sounds like the 1984 Band Aid record Do They Know It's Christmas?, he decided he might as well put it back as a post-modern in-joke. Tragically, no one remembered to remove it.

Also notable about the credits was David Tennant is credited as playing "The Doctor", whereas Christopher Eccleston portrayed "Doctor Who". This was down to RTD getting sick of Gareth Roberts' insistence that it was only crediting the main character as "Doctor Who" that stopped the show being a flop and wanted to prove him wrong.

It was a whim that should NEVER have been carried out...

Finally, following on from Tennant's performance in Blackpool (where he played DCI Theta "Sigma" Carlisle who worked from the Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition), it was decided that the Tenth Doctor's "thing" would not be hopping, 'Jings!', 'Bollocks!' or snappy dressing but instead the curious habit of bursting into song during dull bits of the narrative. Thus is his declaration to Rose once he emerges from the TARDIS to discover her attempts to negotiate with the Sycophants have proved completely futile:

"Slice of Heaven" by Dave "Dustbin" Dobbins

Rose, I gotta lotta faith in ya!
Stick with me, kid, that's the bottom line!
Rose, you have a lot of fun, don't ya?
Travellin with you is a ball of a time!

Hey, Rosie, when the mood gets you down
Your bottom lip's near dragging on the ground!
That's when I gotta play the clown for ya
Fart humor made you kick your blues

Howdy Rose Tyler... I really like your teeth!

Her love shines over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)
Warm moonlight over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)

Rose, I gotta lotta faith in ya!
Stick with me, kid, that's the bottom line!
Rose, we have a lot of fun, don't we?
And Devon is with you all the time!

Hey, Rosie, when the mood gets you down
Your bottom lip's near dragging on the ground!
That's when I gotta play the clown for ya
Fart humor made me kick my blues

Howdy Rose Tyler... I really like your teeth!

Her love shines over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)
Warm moonlight over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)
Her love shines over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)
Warm moonlight over my horizon
She's a Slice of Heaven! (Slice of Heaven!)

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